Accounting & Taxation Services

Not just a bookkeeper or an end of year report creator, PB Accountants and Advisors give you the power to understand your business from a financial perspective. You might know its procedures and operations like the back of you hand but do you know how much cash you’re expecting in next month? Do you know when your next BAS is due and how much it’s likely to be? This is the kind of knowledge we can give you.

Accounting and tax: two areas where you should leave it to the experts

We want to give you the power of knowledge when it comes to your business. Knowledge makes you confident to make strategic decisions, plan the year ahead, know when to invest in new staff or new equipment, and when to sit tight and wait for an upturn.

Our suite of accounting and taxation services focus on the areas of performance most likely to to provide you with exactly this kind of knowledge (not just a bunch of confusing facts and figures).

We know from experience that your more likely to achieve your business goals by focusing on areas of performance such as risk management, business planning and organisational development. So that’s the kind of knowledge we offer you.

Annual Financial Statements and accounts preparation

Do you need financials for board meetings, Annual General Meetings or a finance application? We can prepare these from your accounting system (we don’t mind which one).
We can also prepare your accounts from scratch, so even if you haven’t maintained any records we can still help. Just ask Michael


Trust us, proper planning really does prevent poor performance. Budgeting is an integral component of business planning, but many people avoid it, or lack confidence in creating a budget. When we help you with yours, we’re bringing years of experience in developing budgets for all sizes of businesses. With a carefully thought out budget, your business’ performance may surprise you (and not in a bad way).

Cash flow planning

The one thing any business needs to survive is cash. We’ll help you develop a cash flow plan and give you tips on exactly how to use it. This means no nasty surprises when creditors are ringing, or worse, when salaries are due. It also means you can plan ahead for investments and be confident when asking for credit.


As registered tax agents we can:

  • Prepare income tax returns for you, your family trust, business or SMSF
  • Give you advice on the most tax effective way to structure your business
  • Help you with tax planning and teach you effective strategies to meet your personal, business or SMSF tax obligations
  • Calculate and pay all small business taxes including state based taxes
  • Prepare and/or review your BAS


Accounting Software Selection

We are certified advisors to (in our opinion) the leading cloud based accounting software providers. These are Quickbooks Online (QBO) and Xero. We’ll give you advice on which of these is the most appropriate for your business. Once you’ve decided, we can help set you up and get you started.


We can certainly do your bookkeeping, but if we’re honest, our value to you lies in other areas. Setting yourself up with Quickbooks or Xero will take away much of the tedium of doing your books, so why not allow us to recommend one of these, and get you started using it. Then we can get on with providing value in areas like your tax planning or your budget.

We can also refer you to a reputable bookkeeper if you need one.

Please contact us with any questions about our accounting services, or if you’d like to speak to us about accounting systems, or our fixed fee packages.









Preferred accounting systems

PB Accountants recommend Quickbooks Online (QBO) and XERO (both cloud based). We’ve had plenty of experience with both packages-- and believe that (except in rare cases) one or other of these will be the best accounting system for our clients.

Need help choosing an accounting system? Just get in touch with Michael and he’ll help you decide.

Switching to us (it’s easy!)

If you decide you’d like us to take over your accounting, we will contact your old accountants on your behalf and ask them to forward all your information to us. We’ll also notify the Australian Taxation Office of the change. Done.

It’s your choice

While we use and recommend Xero and Quickbooks Online, we’re happy to work with any accounting package you choose. After all, it’s you and your business we’re here to support.

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Want to find out more about PB Accountants and Advisory and what we can do for you? Contact Michael by phone or email