Whether you’d like to engage us for your tax and accounting work or you’re still in the process of discovery and decision, this is how to contact us.

We’re available to answer questions or clarify any queries you may have regarding our packages, services, software or regarding your particular business.

DIRECT PHONE +61 (0)2 9016-4140
mObile +61 (0)405 500 528
email admin@pbaccountant.com.au
POST PO Box 346 Killara NSW 2071

We’re always happy to answer your questions, why not give us a call now on
+61 2 9016 4140

Preferred accounting systems

PB Accountants recommend Quickbooks Online (QBO) and XERO (both cloud based). We’ve had plenty of experience with both packages-- and believe that (except in rare cases) one or other of these will be the best accounting system for our clients.

Need help choosing an accounting system? Just get in touch with Michael and he’ll help you decide.

Switching to us (it’s easy!)

If you decide you’d like us to take over your accounting, we will contact your old accountants on your behalf and ask them to forward all your information to us. We’ll also notify the Australian Taxation Office of the change. Done.

It’s your choice

While we use and recommend Xero and Quickbooks Online, we’re happy to work with any accounting package you choose. After all, it’s you and your business we’re here to support.

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